Trendy Living Room with Stairs

In decorating wide and spacious living room it really needs creativity. You can make your living room into a living room that seems neat as shown below. This trendy living room has a wooden staircase with white banister made blend very beautifully on the interior of your living room that has a unique design and immaculate.

For living room with a classic modern design. Usually using wood flooring that looks elegant and clean. Many people prefer to use wood floor to floor of their house because it looked clean and adjust the weather. If the weather is hot, the floor will feel hot and vice versa. If you have hardwood floors then you have to be clever to clean that are not easily broke or exposed to the fungus. At least you can sweep the floor one in a day to make your floor clean.

Wide impressive living room also needs big furniture that is sized so that the atmosphere of the house is also not empty. Suitable furniture will make interior seems proportionate.  In the living room there are large wooden table which is applied on the wooden floor which looked very harmonious and beautiful combined with small chairs are made of iron.

To make your room into a tidy then you can use the white shelves that can be applied in addition to the white cabinet so you look mismatched furniture. The shelves that you can use to put the guitar and also your book collection. This shelves has function to make your room tidy. Beside that it also a decorative item that applied on the white walls. These white walls looked lovely with a small painting that was applied to this wall. You can also place a work desk in addition to a large table that can be used to put the laptop

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