Rustic living room with minimalist stairs

This time we will provide design rustic living room that has a unique design. Design living room this time for the living room with its small size decorated with red sofas are comfortable to use with a white sofa cushion is very harmonious and a nice blend to be applied in this living room.

Red sofas are applied on the ceramics that has brick color. These sofas placed next to the white stairs with banister side. This ladder has a small size so that it looks elegant applied to a small house with a minimalist design. This ladder has short rungs so that it is safe for you. It also has iron banister that will help you when walk in the stairs.

In this living room there are walls white colored matching combined with cream tile floor. Here there is a small table lamp which is applied on the table white. The things that make it unique in the living room is the wall like in cement. The presence of this wall model make homes quirky and looks natural like in the wild makes the atmosphere in the house is also fresh and natural

To beautify the living room and gives the impression that there are ornaments bright as the sun that silver is applied to the walls above the white color white sofa paired with some small accessories that come from wood create the look of the living room is very unique

Carpet used unique living room is red with small motifs in the form of pixels is perfect paired with glasses coffee table that can be used as a storage medium of books and a vase of white besides a glass table is also easy to clean so many people who prefer to use this type of table beside the design that simple but it also seems luxury.

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