Great interior living room with fireplace

Everyone wants to have a different view of living room. This great living room with fireplace mantle has it’s own uniqueness. In this room, there are a spiral shaped stairs. These stairs have gray color that can be used as access from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor. These stairs have precise location because it is located in the corner. The existence of this ladder does need many spaces. It seems proportional in this living room.

Living room with wooden floor and also an elegant fireplace with black color applied to the white wall on the side of the sofa set. In this room, there is a sofa that can be decor with red and white plain cushion. Besides, there is a wooden sofa coffee table that used to put cream cup set. It suits to be used to collect with family just to enjoy the drink. This is a big coffee table that you also put some food in this table to complete the drink.

Each house must pay attention to the atmosphere in it. You can make the atmosphere of the room cool by placing potted green plants in your living room. You could put a potted plant behind the sofa. The existence of the plant will refresh the atmosphere and your eyes. The green plants inside bring comfort when you are inside room. Your guest who comes to your house will feel comfort and want to stay in a long time.

The living room that has cream motifs curtains has elegant touch inside. This curtain is very properly used in this room that has a simple design. Cream curtains color match with the wall dominated color inside great living room design ideas. How to open the curtain is by pulling a rope at the end of the curtain.

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