Funky interior modern living room with fireplace

In winter season everybody wants to have a comfortable and warm place. One part of the house that often used to gather is the living room. You can create a warm feel in your guest house. Guest house with a fireplace mantle is very suitable for those of you who live in a cool place. There are many models of fireplaces that you could utilize. You can customize the design of the fireplace with the theme of your interior. There are many fireplace mantle materials that can be applied inside room

In the funky interior living room has a stone fireplace that is used as a material dominance besides . There is pottery black decoration on the table. To beautify your room, you can put a comfortable sofa with bright color. Sofa with bright colors can evoke a mood. Brightly colored sofa will brings luxury touch inside a room.

You can make your living room to be a comfortable place to gather. You can use the couch cushions that you can use to sleep while chatting. The cushion can also to be decorative ideas in your room. To add a warm nuance, you can add table lamp on the desk. In this room, there are three high lights that provide wonderful exposure.

In this inspired living room, there are rugs with a gray color that used to cover a floor. The function of carpet is to beautify but also to provide a warm feel when you step on that. This house has wide wooden windows with sliding door. It also looks elegant house with a view of the green garden can make a healthy eye. Nature touch is also presented in this room with stone walls and a wooden coffee table and a dark brown wooden roof. You should also pay attention to the arrangement of furniture in this room to make it look presentable.

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