Funky interior living room with yellow nuance

Decorate the room using bright colors are unique for each person. For people who want to create a festive atmosphere with a modern design that can use the color yellow as the color of dominance for their room. One room in the house that is very important is the living room. The living room should be as neat as possible in the design, from furniture and paint color is also very important to note

In shades of yellow living room has abstract paintings affixed to the walls of the house yellow. This painting has function to add value art and beauty in this living room. To beautify the room, the room is equipped with a warm lamp and table lamp that is placed on a fireplace mantle design ideas. Living room has white fireplace mantle that has simple design

Soft white fur rugs are also applied in this room combined with plush white sofa into a charming blend. Sofas has a white cushion yellow with a simple motif makes the display furniture in this room to be fun. Besides here there is a glass table that is unique, but very interesting and looks luxurious. This room has tidy furniture arrangements

To add the natural impression in this room there are seems like a garden in the house that shows in a form a vase of flowers and plants. Besides this house has a white roof that adds to the modern feel of the room. The room is also equipped with a wooden table that is used to put a table lamp and a small flower vase from the glass material.

The yellow color has shades of bright and able to refresh the room, in addition to the yellow color can also be combined with some existing furniture such as sofa, use a cloth cover that is accented yellow. The yellow color is generally able to give a contemporary feel to the room with a classic or modern décor, which makes it look like new.

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