Floral yellow interior living room with fireplace

Yellow house dominated color to be a trend right now. Minimalist living room with a floral motif has a yellow background can provide beauty in this room. Living room should be designed as comfortable as feasible. Living room should be looked cheerful. With the yellow color can make a living room look cheerful and nice views. If you choose a yellow color, then you must be consistent with select furniture and some side room with yellow color

In the living room there is TV flat yellow is applied on the yellow wall above fireplace mantle. It has modern fireplace mantle because it uses iron materials at his side. Iron silver colored materials that make modern impressed fireplace. The function is to add the warm nuance and modern touch inside living room.

This minimalist living room has a narrow size but looks neat. Neatness shown in this room due to the arrangement of furniture is good and right. There is a white bookcase which has 4 rows. This bookcase is used to put books and several collections of accessories and photographs that could be used to decorate this room. All of the stuff arranged well here. Good arrangements will provide good landscape inside living room design ideas.

Elegant fireplaces mantle with modern nuance is very suitable applied in this room. It functions in a fireplace to warm the room. In this room there is a small cream rug that able to be used to put the coffee table and sofa white color of white and cream. It also suitable with the theme of the room.

To add a cool atmosphere then there is a white vase used to put yellow flowers. Vase is put on the desk white wood. Here there is a sofa cushion, white, yellow, silver, and gold. Living room is also equipped with a curtain cream.

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