Elegant interior design ideas yellow living

Having a house with an elegant design with the use of the right colors will beautify the interior of your home. You can see the beautiful decor in the living room shades of yellow. In the living room there are comfortable sofas with yellow and decorated using flower motifs. Then in addition there is a wooden door with a small mat dominance of yellow color also makes the room very pretty

In the living room shades of yellow then you can put a table with a white color to add beauty to your home. White table is made of glass and can be used to put plastic and glass jars, you can also put your drinks to the guests at the table. Table type is also very easy to clean. For a soothing atmosphere then in this room are AC is applied to the wall above the TV. In addition, if you feel cool using AC then you can use the fan next to the TV

In a nice interior living space there must be a window. As in this picture there is wide minimalist window with curtains simple plain yellow with a combination of white curtains in it make this room look elegant. In the selection of curtains is important to note the size of your window to look proportional. If you want to combine your curtains then choose plain curtains to be combined with your main curtain.

Lighting in the home is important to note. In the interior of the living room, there are shades of yellow lamps attached to the ceiling to make the home atmosphere became warm and pleasant. With adequate lighting will make the eyes become healthy. Beautify the room with a vase of flowers is a very good idea to be applied in addition to adding beauty of your home but also gives a feel cool.

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