Contemporary Minimalist Interior Living with Yellow Wall Painting

The yellow color in the house had function and one of them is to minimize the use of light yellow color has shades of light in the house. The yellow color also makes the house look spacious. In the contemporary living room with yellow curtain wall, there are silver colored with a simple motif can add to the impression of a modern contemporary in it. The yellow color is perfectly combined with any color including a silver color that makes the curtains and walls appear harmonious.

To maximize the incoming air in the living room so there is a wide window with white frame windows can add a modern feel inside. This room also contained house decoration made of black pottery can be applied in addition to the sofa set. With their classic accessories can add to the value of art in your living room. The yellow color is the color that gives many advantages for your home.

The living room, has natural shades namely the presence of a bird cage in the green vase beside make this room looks fresh and fun. In the living room, there are sofas set off white colored fitted with gray colored table lamp above the table. You could use plants outdoors this becomes a natural conditioner for your room. Yellow has a strong character that can turn your home space. You can add more elements of yellow to make your home more lively impression.

There is a book that is applied on the coffee table is oval with a wooden base to make this area look more tidy and elegant. Moreover, the room was very refreshing because there are plants out of the window so that air or oxygen carried by the plant could go into the house and make the house into the cool without having to use a fan or air conditioning.

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