Contemporary Gray Wall Interior Living

The minimalist contemporary living area has white carving cabinet bring luxury touch. The cabinet put beside the fireplace mantle that applied on the elegant wooden floor. in the contemporary living room, there is a white light above the ceiling. Bright lighting inside living is good for health. It also can bring luxury nuance inside a living room. It also has brown comfort sofas that applied on the wooden floor

The existing of the fireplace in living room is important. It has a function to warm the room. A warm room will cream pleasant atmosphere that makes this room enjoy to be used to gather with family or relatives. Moreover, the room must be decorated with the warm floor lamp that applied to the wooden floor.

To add entertainment stuff in the living room, you can put the television on a white table. By applying TV inside, you can use the living room to spend your spare time with your friend or family. In this living room, there is bamboo curtain roll which looked beautiful minimalist applied to the windows and door. The quirky elegant curtain has an aesthetic function and blocking the direct sunlight into the room.

Some elegant painting became a beautiful decoration as applied to the walls with the color gray than that in this room there are potted plants green. Green plants can carry oxygen is good for health in the living room of this. Green plants color will make guests more comfortable in it. You could put the green plant on the glasses vase that seems awesome.

In this room, there is a white jar from the cupboard above the ceramic material that has a luxurious feel. This room has a glass door with frame white color makes this room has a minimalist design and modern. In this living room, there is wooden coffee table that could be used to put some stuff.

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