Contemporary elegant black and white interior living room

Black and white living room is a favorite color. This color is often applied in a contemporary living room space. The combination of black and white is a great combination. This color will give the impression of elegance to a home. In the living room, there is TV applied to the wooden walls are mounted on a white wall that looks elegant.

Most people want to add a natural element in the living room. You can add a small vase with white on the black coffee table next to you who are a white coffee table. Besides being used to put a vase, the white table is also used to put the books to make it look neat and increase your storage space. This room has a wooden floor is very beautiful.

The wooden floors in dark brown. This floor seems perfect combined with white walls. You can add small paintings on the walls. There is a wallpaper that placed on the wall next to the white ground lamp. To beautify  your living room. Then you can put some unique accessories with a chandelier like a ball of white. This area also has natural side walls are dry tree ornament placed alongside black shelves on the wall.

White curtains with elegant design have been applied to the windows inside the contemporary minimalist living room to keep it from direct exposure to sunlight. There are speakers on the side of the Television could be used as entertainment. You could also utilize your collection in addition to LED TV. The table beside TV could be used as storage of your stuff or unique accessories that can add the beauty inside a room. It also has elegant gray stripped seat beside sofas and table set inside a room. It also has a white wooden door inside the minimalist contemporary living room.

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