Funky interior living room with yellow nuance

Decorate the room using bright colors are unique for each person. For people who want to create a festive atmosphere with a modern design that can use the color yellow as the color of dominance for their room. One room in the house that is very important is the living room. The living room should be as neat as possible in the design, from furniture and paint color is also very important to note

In shades of yellow living room has abstract paintings affixed to the walls of the house yellow. This painting has function to add value art and beauty in this living room. To beautify the room, the room is equipped with a warm lamp and table lamp that is placed on a fireplace mantle design ideas. Living room has white fireplace mantle that has simple design

Soft white fur rugs are also applied in this room combined with plush white sofa into a charming blend. Sofas has a white cushion yellow with a simple motif makes the display furniture in this room to be fun. Besides here there is a glass table that is unique, but very interesting and looks luxurious. This room has tidy furniture arrangements

To add the natural impression in this room there are seems like a garden in the house that shows in a form a vase of flowers and plants. Besides this house has a white roof that adds to the modern feel of the room. The room is also equipped with a wooden table that is used to put a table lamp and a small flower vase from the glass material.

The yellow color has shades of bright and able to refresh the room, in addition to the yellow color can also be combined with some existing furniture such as sofa, use a cloth cover that is accented yellow. The yellow color is generally able to give a contemporary feel to the room with a classic or modern décor, which makes it look like new.

Contemporary Minimalist Interior Living with Yellow Wall Painting

The yellow color in the house had function and one of them is to minimize the use of light yellow color has shades of light in the house. The yellow color also makes the house look spacious. In the contemporary living room with yellow curtain wall, there are silver colored with a simple motif can add to the impression of a modern contemporary in it. The yellow color is perfectly combined with any color including a silver color that makes the curtains and walls appear harmonious.

To maximize the incoming air in the living room so there is a wide window with white frame windows can add a modern feel inside. This room also contained house decoration made of black pottery can be applied in addition to the sofa set. With their classic accessories can add to the value of art in your living room. The yellow color is the color that gives many advantages for your home.

The living room, has natural shades namely the presence of a bird cage in the green vase beside make this room looks fresh and fun. In the living room, there are sofas set off white colored fitted with gray colored table lamp above the table. You could use plants outdoors this becomes a natural conditioner for your room. Yellow has a strong character that can turn your home space. You can add more elements of yellow to make your home more lively impression.

There is a book that is applied on the coffee table is oval with a wooden base to make this area look more tidy and elegant. Moreover, the room was very refreshing because there are plants out of the window so that air or oxygen carried by the plant could go into the house and make the house into the cool without having to use a fan or air conditioning.

Elegant interior design ideas yellow living

Having a house with an elegant design with the use of the right colors will beautify the interior of your home. You can see the beautiful decor in the living room shades of yellow. In the living room there are comfortable sofas with yellow and decorated using flower motifs. Then in addition there is a wooden door with a small mat dominance of yellow color also makes the room very pretty

In the living room shades of yellow then you can put a table with a white color to add beauty to your home. White table is made of glass and can be used to put plastic and glass jars, you can also put your drinks to the guests at the table. Table type is also very easy to clean. For a soothing atmosphere then in this room are AC is applied to the wall above the TV. In addition, if you feel cool using AC then you can use the fan next to the TV

In a nice interior living space there must be a window. As in this picture there is wide minimalist window with curtains simple plain yellow with a combination of white curtains in it make this room look elegant. In the selection of curtains is important to note the size of your window to look proportional. If you want to combine your curtains then choose plain curtains to be combined with your main curtain.

Lighting in the home is important to note. In the interior of the living room, there are shades of yellow lamps attached to the ceiling to make the home atmosphere became warm and pleasant. With adequate lighting will make the eyes become healthy. Beautify the room with a vase of flowers is a very good idea to be applied in addition to adding beauty of your home but also gives a feel cool.

Architectural Living Room with Classic Nuance

Today’s, architectural living room with classic nuance to be a great inspiration in designing living room that has lofty artistic value. In this living room, there are small table lamp on the white fireplace cape ideas that has modern touch inside it has simple design also that make it easy to be combined. The fireplace located beside the cream sofas and round wooden coffee bar that has unique design applied on the white rug on the wooden floor that easy to be clean.

Wooden floor will make your room so warm when the weather is hot and vice versa. To beautify your coffee table you can put small vase that can be applied on the top of the table with cool green flower inside. Every living room must have windows to make great air circulation and make living room seems fresh with a good atmosphere. Windows also can beautify your house and make your house feel warm when the sun rises.

For you who has reading hobby. You could put some book on the shelves that can be applied inside living room that can beautify interior of the room. Some book also can be placed on the glasses cabinet beside modern sofas with luxury design that has white and cream color combined with elegant motifs that make it seems elegant.

Floral painting bring recent nuance inside room it will seems natural with some green plants inside living room. The plants and fresh flower beside to make the room feels fresh but also it can beautify interior living room design. to complete the beauty of your sofas, you can put stripped cushion that can add the beauty inside room it will create your guest feel comfort to seat and make them enjoy gathering in your living area that has elegant nuance.

Futuristic Interior Design for Small Living Room with Stairs

Futuristic living room now to be a trend right now because the design that unique and modern make people want to design their home as that design. In this elegant living room, it has white luxury chandelier that applied on the white ceiling. This chandelier brings warm nuance it also can make the house seems luxury. This candle chandelier can add the beauty inside living room because it has white bright lamp inside room. This design suit for you who want to design futuristic interior design for small living room with stairs.

This living room located beside elegant wooden stairs that has iron fence stairs that has modern design beside wooden cabinet. It has simple wooden cabinet that can be used to put some book collection and accessories. To decor your cabinet, you can put white lamp on the cabinet to make the cabinet seems bright. In choosing suitable furniture, you have to consider with the theme of the living room to make it in line with the theme of your living.

For you who want to make cool interior living room with natural touch, you can put an elegant aquarium that can be decorative ideas because aquarium has aesthetic value that will attract your guest to visit your furniture. This aquarium can be applied on the white wooden cabinet on the white ceramics floor that combined with small brown ceramics floor make it seems awesome.

It has white table that has rectangle form combined with white and black seat applied on the white floor tile that seems tidy and clean. White ceramics will make your house seems wide and clean because white identically with luxury color so that you can decor with luxury furniture also like glasses vase that can add the modern touch inside. For the best design of living room it also has minimalist impressive windows frame design ideas

Cool Furniture for modern minimalist living room

Having comfort and beautiful living room is a dream for everyone. To make you living room seems elegant you can use white color as the dominated color for example for your door that act as door frame that will bring modern touch inside because white is a color that can make your room seems wide also. This color suit for you who has small living room with minimalist small windows design.

You must be creative and innovative in designing your interior living room. If you has problem with the size of the room, you can use white wall nuance as the dominated color of your wall that automatically make your living seems wide. You can add small paint on the white wall to modify your wall and make it seems nice.

For you who like to collect glasses earthenware jug. You can choose best earthenware jug that suitable for your living room. If you want to make your living room seems luxury, you can use glasses Gucci that can be placed on the top of the wooden coffee table applied on the cream floor tile. To warm your room, you can use fireplace that has cream color and simple elegant design that you can also put glasses earthenware jug on the top of the fireplace mantle design ideas.

In this classic elegant living room, there is a wooden coffee table that you can use to put food or drink for your guest; you can also put some book under the table. In decorating your table, you can use table lamp with white color that brings modern touch inside room that has cream floor tile and some fresh green flower on the vase beside small cream seat inside. It also has black table lamp that seems exotic beside the fireplace mantle.

Cool Green Wall Interior Living Room


The living room is an important part of the house that has many functions. Paint color not only as complementary but also to beautify the home, sometimes color can reflect the personal owners of the house. For people who like the bright colors means that the personality is very stubborn and unruly. Painting color for outside view, living room, family room, room up to the bathroom sometimes in a different color because it based to their own tastes.

Green paint color will bring peace to the occupants of the home. The green color is a natural color. A living room with a green color will create a good aura in the house. This color is recommended for those who are in areas that get much ardor of solar radiation, you could use green paint color to create a cool atmosphere.

In the natural living room, there are a small painting with a modern white table that could be used to put the book on the table, you could also put a plate of fruit on the table. Modern white coffee table combined with a green sofa. This living room suit to be placed in the garden beside the house with ornate pottery applied on the floor in white with a minimalist window and walls accented

Natural painting color is providing tranquility will also provide coolness for you. This impression must be balanced with the selection of large windows because it will feature expansive landscape and fresh air for your natural living room design ideas.

In choosing best paint color, you must customize with furniture. You must adjust to the furniture owned by either the curtains, tables, chairs and the other furniture that has suit color can be obtained. If you get peace and coolness simultaneously surely thought would be much fresher and gives a lot of positive attitudes.

Rustic living room with minimalist stairs

This time we will provide design rustic living room that has a unique design. Design living room this time for the living room with its small size decorated with red sofas are comfortable to use with a white sofa cushion is very harmonious and a nice blend to be applied in this living room.

Red sofas are applied on the ceramics that has brick color. These sofas placed next to the white stairs with banister side. This ladder has a small size so that it looks elegant applied to a small house with a minimalist design. This ladder has short rungs so that it is safe for you. It also has iron banister that will help you when walk in the stairs.

In this living room there are walls white colored matching combined with cream tile floor. Here there is a small table lamp which is applied on the table white. The things that make it unique in the living room is the wall like in cement. The presence of this wall model make homes quirky and looks natural like in the wild makes the atmosphere in the house is also fresh and natural

To beautify the living room and gives the impression that there are ornaments bright as the sun that silver is applied to the walls above the white color white sofa paired with some small accessories that come from wood create the look of the living room is very unique

Carpet used unique living room is red with small motifs in the form of pixels is perfect paired with glasses coffee table that can be used as a storage medium of books and a vase of white besides a glass table is also easy to clean so many people who prefer to use this type of table beside the design that simple but it also seems luxury.

Trendy Living Room with Stairs

In decorating wide and spacious living room it really needs creativity. You can make your living room into a living room that seems neat as shown below. This trendy living room has a wooden staircase with white banister made blend very beautifully on the interior of your living room that has a unique design and immaculate.

For living room with a classic modern design. Usually using wood flooring that looks elegant and clean. Many people prefer to use wood floor to floor of their house because it looked clean and adjust the weather. If the weather is hot, the floor will feel hot and vice versa. If you have hardwood floors then you have to be clever to clean that are not easily broke or exposed to the fungus. At least you can sweep the floor one in a day to make your floor clean.

Wide impressive living room also needs big furniture that is sized so that the atmosphere of the house is also not empty. Suitable furniture will make interior seems proportionate.  In the living room there are large wooden table which is applied on the wooden floor which looked very harmonious and beautiful combined with small chairs are made of iron.

To make your room into a tidy then you can use the white shelves that can be applied in addition to the white cabinet so you look mismatched furniture. The shelves that you can use to put the guitar and also your book collection. This shelves has function to make your room tidy. Beside that it also a decorative item that applied on the white walls. These white walls looked lovely with a small painting that was applied to this wall. You can also place a work desk in addition to a large table that can be used to put the laptop

Contemporary Gray Wall Interior Living

The minimalist contemporary living area has white carving cabinet bring luxury touch. The cabinet put beside the fireplace mantle that applied on the elegant wooden floor. in the contemporary living room, there is a white light above the ceiling. Bright lighting inside living is good for health. It also can bring luxury nuance inside a living room. It also has brown comfort sofas that applied on the wooden floor

The existing of the fireplace in living room is important. It has a function to warm the room. A warm room will cream pleasant atmosphere that makes this room enjoy to be used to gather with family or relatives. Moreover, the room must be decorated with the warm floor lamp that applied to the wooden floor.

To add entertainment stuff in the living room, you can put the television on a white table. By applying TV inside, you can use the living room to spend your spare time with your friend or family. In this living room, there is bamboo curtain roll which looked beautiful minimalist applied to the windows and door. The quirky elegant curtain has an aesthetic function and blocking the direct sunlight into the room.

Some elegant painting became a beautiful decoration as applied to the walls with the color gray than that in this room there are potted plants green. Green plants can carry oxygen is good for health in the living room of this. Green plants color will make guests more comfortable in it. You could put the green plant on the glasses vase that seems awesome.

In this room, there is a white jar from the cupboard above the ceramic material that has a luxurious feel. This room has a glass door with frame white color makes this room has a minimalist design and modern. In this living room, there is wooden coffee table that could be used to put some stuff.